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Purino Party X-RATED Version Patch Download Page

Purino Party
X-RATED Version Patch Notes
Copyright(C) Frontwing

Thank you very much for purchasing "Purino Party".
We're sure you're excited to play the game, but please first take a moment to read the following notes and agree to the Terms of Use Policy.

About This Patch

This patch enhances the adult-oriented features of the Steam version of Purino Party.
Specifically, it expands the variety of CG images you can unlock to view in the Gallery section.

Please be aware that regardless of intention, altering the game files in any way for the purpose of sharing screenshots or videos of the added adult content to the Steam Community for this game may constitute a violation of Steam Terms of Service, and can result in the suspension of your account; we strongly advise against any attempt to do so.

Frontwing cannot guarantee the functionality of this patch for all computers.

Furthermore, Frontwing is not responsible for any errors or damage that may result from the use of this patch. Your use of this patch signifies your agreement to these terms.

The adult content in this game was created to conform to the ethical standards of Japan.

Please do not make use of this patch if doing so may violate any relevant laws or regulations in your country of residence.

System Requirements

Please consult the readme for the Purino Party base game.

Installation Instructions

Please copy the "xrated.FLT" file into the folder in which Purino Party is installed.

You can locate the Purino Party installation folder via the Steam client by opening the Local Files tab in the Properties window for the game and clicking "Browse Local Files...".

When the patch has been installed successfully, the title screen for the game will change to say "X-RATED".

To uninstall the patch, simply delete the "xrated.FLT" file which was previously copied to the Purino Party install folder.
Please close Purino Party before attempting to install or uninstall the patch.
Save data is unaffected by installing or uninstalling the patch.

Redistribution and Resale

Frontwing owns all applicable rights to the content of this patch.
However, you may freely redistribute this patch provided you do not alter its contents or receive any compensation for it.

Contact Us

For any further inquiries about this patch, please contact us at the following address:


Those who agree with the Terms of Use Policy and everything else specified above, please click the download button.